Glee Gloria

Junghye Yoon (KOR) - April 2021
Gloria (Glee Cast Version) (feat. Adam Lambert) - Glee Cast

Info: Intro 48 counts

[1 - 8]: Walk, Walk, Lock Step, Rock, Recover, Unwind Turn 1/2 L
1-2Step RF forward, Step LF forward
3&4Step RF forward, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF forward
5-6Rock LF forward, Recover weight onto RF
7-8Touch LF back, Turn 1/2 L weight onto LF (6:00)

[9 - 16]: Touch Out, Touch In, Side Chasse, Point Front, Point Side, Turn 1/4 L Sailor
1-2Touch RF to right, Touch RF beside LF
3&4Step RF to right, step LF beside RF, Step RF to right
5-6Point LF over RF, Point LF to left
7&8Turn ¼ L Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to right, Step LF forward (3:00)
[17 - 24]: Cross, Kick, Cross, Kick, Jazz Box, Together
1-2Cross RF over LF, Kick LF Diagonal Forward to left
3-4Cross LF over RF, Kick RF Diagonal Forward to right
5-8Cross RF over LF, Step LF back, Step RF to right, Step LF beside RF
(Here on Restarts)

[25 - 33]: Cross Rock, Recover, Side Chasse, Cross, Turn 1/4L Back, Turn 1/4L Side Chasse
1-2Cross rock RF over LF, Recover weight onto LF
3&4Step RF to right, Step LF beside RF, Step RF to right
5-6Cross LF over RF, Turn 1/4 L Step RF back (12:00)
7&8Turn 1/4 L Step LF to left, Step RF beside LF, Step LF to left (9:00)

Restarts: After 24Counts on 5Wall(3:00) & 10Wall(6:00)

Ending: Step RF forward, Turn 1/2 L (facing 12:00)

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Junghye Yoon :

Last Update - 8 April 2021