Don't Wanna Go

Amanda Pearce (USA) - April 2021
Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home) - Elle King & Miranda Lambert

Intro: 16 counts - Restart: Wall 6 after 8 counts

[1-8] R Scuff, Stomp, Shake, Hips, L Scuff, Stomp, Shake, Hips
1-2 Scuff R, Stomp R
3-4 Shake Hips
5-6 Scuff L, Stomp L
7-8 Shake Hips
*Restart here on wall 6*

[9-16] Rock Back, Recover, Step ½ Turn, Out Behind Heel Jack Cross
1-2 Rock back on R, Recover fwd on L
3-4 Step fwd R, ½ turn over L shoulder stepping on L
5-6& Step R to the side, Cross L behind R, Step R to R side
7&8 Touch L Heel, Step L to L side, Cross R in front of L

[17-24] Side Rock, Recover, Sailor Step, Side Points R&L, ¼ Turn Sweep, Stomp
1-2 Rock L, Recover R
3&4 Step L behind R, Step R next to L, Step L out to L side
5&6& Point R to R side, R back to center, Point L to L side, L back to center
7-8 Sweep R foot out to R sided while making a ¼ turn over R shoulder, Stomp R

[25-32] L Heel & Cross & R Heel, Hook, Heel Switches R&L, Step, Full Turn
1&2& Touch L heel fwd, Step L, Cross R in front of L, Step L to L side
3-4 Touch R heel fwd, Hook R
5&6& Touch R heel fwd, Step R to center, Touch L heel fwd, Step L to center
7&8 Step fwd R, full turn over L shoulder landing on L foot

Last Update 20 Nov. 2021