Good Things Come To Those Who Drink

Carol Jensen - April 2021
Good Things Come To Those Who Drink - Craig Campbell

[1-8] Walk Walk Shuffle, ¼ Turn Sailor, Behind Unwind
1-2Walk R L
3&4Shuffle R L R
5&6Sailor Step ¼ turn L
7-8Step R behind L, unwind ¾ turn (6 o'clock)

[9-16] Shuffle, Side Rock Step X2, Step ¾ Turn
1&2Shuffle L R L
3&4R side rock cross over L
5&6L side rock cross over R
7-8Step R 3/4 ball turn (9 o'clock)
RESTART WALL 3 (to 9 o'clock)

[17-24] Rock Recover Turn, Shuffle, Step Turn Walk Walk, Coaster Step
1-2R rock recover L
3&4½ turn R shuffle R L R
5-6Step L 1/2 turn R step back R
7&8Coaster L R L

[25-32] Step Turn Kick, Coaster Step, Step Turn X2
1-2Step R 1/2 turn L kick R
3&4Coaster step L R L
5-6Step R ½ turn
7-8Step R ¼ turn

TAG [1-8&] Step Bump Bump X 2, Point Hold X 2, Wall 2, 5, 7 (after 16 counts wall 6 only)
1&2Step R hip bump R R
&4Step L hip bumps L L
5-6Point R to R side and hold
7&8&Point L to L side and hold, step L (6 o'clock)