Light Up The Room

Suzi Beau (ENG) - April 2021
Embers - James Newman

Intro: 8 Counts
Line Dancing World (LDW)

Section 1 Jazzbox Cross, Side Touch Kick Ball Cross
1 2Cross Right Over Left, Step Back on Left
3 4Step Right to Right Side, Cross Left over Right
5 6Step Right To Right Side, Touch Left By Right
7&8Kick Left to Left Diagonal, Step on Ball of Left, Cross right over Left

Section 2 Side Together, Prissy Walks x 2, Forward Rock Shuffle ½ Left
1 2Step Left to Left Side, Close Right Together
3 4Walk forward on Left crossing slightly over R, Walk forward on Right crossing slightly over Left
5 6Rock forward on Left, Recover on right
7 8Shuffle ½ Turn Left stepping Left, Right, Left

Section 3 Step Point, Back Pont, Cross, Side, Cross Side
1 2Step forward on Right, Point Left to Left Side
3 4Step back on Left , Point Right to Right Side
5 6Cross Right over Left (dip) Step Left to Left side (straighten up)
7 8Cross Right over Left (dip) Step Left to Left side (straighten up)
TAG: 4 Count Tag Wall 2 - Cross Rock Side Rock
*Restart Here on w7*

Section 4 Cross rock Chasse, Cross Side Coaster ¼ L
1 2Cross Rock Right over Left, Recover on Left
3&4Step Right to Right Side, close Left to Right, Step Right to Right Side
5 6Cross Left over Right, Step right To Right Side
7&8Turn ¼ Left Stepping back on Left, Close Right to Left, Step forward on Left

Ending Dance Wall 11 Section 2, Count 5 - 8 Forward Rock Shuffle ¼ to 12 O'clock