Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden (UK) - April 2021
Rampampam - Minelli

#32 Count Intro / Approx. 18 Secs, No Tags or Restarts

SEC 1: Step, Scissor Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ Step, ¾ Hitch, Side Shuffle
1Step right forward
2&3Step left to left, step right beside left, cross left over right
4-5Step right to right, step left behind right
6-7Turn ¼ right stepping right forward, turn ¾ right hitching left knee (12:00)
8&1Step left to left, step right beside left, step left to left

SEC 2: Touch, Twist Twist, Side, Point, Rolling Vine Into Side Shuffle
2&3Step ball of right behind left, split heels out, recover heels to centre taking weight fully onto right
*2 Touch right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder
*& Touch right hand to right shoulder, left hand to left shoulder
*3 Drop both arms to the side
4-5Step left to left, point right to right
6-7Turn ¼ right step right forward, turn ½ right step left back (9:00)
8&1Turn ¼ right step right to right, step left beside right, step right to right (12:00)

SEC 3: Kick Cross Touch, Back, Together, Cross, Side, ¼ Together
2&3Kick left to right diagonal, cross left over right, touch right behind left
*2 Left arm forward in front of body, punch right over left arm
*3 Punch right hand under left arm
4-5Step right back, step left beside right
6-7Cross right over left, step left to left
8Turn ¼ right step right beside left (3:00)

SEC 4: Press Rock, Ball Touch, Ball Touch, Ball Step Sweep, Step Sweep
1-2Press left forward, recover weight back onto right
&3Step left back, touch right forward
&4Step right back, touch left forward
&5-6Step left beside right, step right forward, sweep left from back to front
7-8Step left forward, sweep right from back to front