My Whole World AB

Absolute Beginner
Suzi Beau (ENG) - May 2021
If I Could Build My Whole World Around You - Marc Broussard

Intro: 16 Counts - 1 Restart Wall 5

Section 1: Walk Diagonal ,Kick x2
1 2Walk forward to Right Diagonal Right, Left.
3 4Walk to Right Diagonal Right Kick Left to Left Diagonal.
5 6Walk Forward to Left Diagonal Left, Right
7 8Walk forward to Left Diagonal, Kick Right to Right Diagonal

Section 2: Back touch (Clap) x3 Bump hips Left Right
1 2Step Back on Right Diagonal, touch Left By Right (clap)
3 4Step Back on Left Diagonal, Touch Right by Left (clap)
5 6Step Back on Right Diagonal, touch Left by right (clap)
7 8Step Left to Left Side, Bump Hips Left, Right

Section 3: Vine Left, Stomp together Toe Fan
1 2Step Left to Left Side, Cross Right behind Left
3 4Step Left to Left Side, Stomp Right beside Left
5 6Fan Right toe to Right, Bring back to centre
7 8Fan Right toe to Right, Bring back to centre
*Restart Here on Wall 5*

Section 4: Heel Strut x 2, Walk ½ Turn Right, Left, Right, Left
1 2Walk forward on Right Heel, Drop Toe
3 4Walk forward on Left heel, Drop toe
5 6Walk round ½ turn Right, Stepping Right, Left
7 8Right, Left