Beach Party

Judy Brannon (USA) - 5 May 2021
Party On The Beach - Brian Kelley

K Step
1-4Step R foot forward at diagonal, Touch L beside R and clap, Step L back at diagonal , touch R beside L, clap
5-8Step R back at diagonal, touch L beside R, clap, Step L forward at diagonal, touch R beside L, clap

2 V Steps
1-4Step R foot forward diagonal, Step L foot forward, diagonal Step R foot back to center, diagonal, Step L foot beside R
5-8Repeat steps 1-4

Jazz Box 1/4 R, Heel switch right and left
1-4Cross R foot over L, Step back on L, turn 1/4 R, touch L beside R
5-8Touch R heel forward, step back beside L, Touch L heel forward, step back beside R

1/4 Monterey turn , Step brush, Step Brush
1-4Point R toe to R side, turn 1/4 R and step on R. Point L toe to L side, Step L next to R
5-8Step forward on R foot, Brush L foot, Step forward on L foot, brush R

Start Again............Enjoy!