Just a Kiss

Easy Intermediate NC
Judy Rodgers (USA) - June 2021
Just A Kiss - Lady A : (Amazon.com)

#16 count intro - 2 restarts

S1: Side, behind side, rocking chair, cross turn 1/4 L, back together walk walk
1-2&Step R big step to right side, step L behind R, step R to right diagonal
3&4&Rock L over R to right diagonal, recover R, rock L back, recover R
5-6Cross L over R, turn 1/4 left step R back 9:00
7&8&Step L back, step R beside L, step L fwd, step R fwd
S2: Rock recover back, back side cross turn 1/4 R, turn 1/4 R touch, behind turn 1/4 R, run run
1-2&Rock L fwd, recover R, step L back
3&4&Step R back, step L to left side, cross R over L, turn 1/4 right step L back 12:00
5-6Turn 1/4 right step R to right side (slightly turn body right), touch L toe to left side 3:00
7&8&Step L behind R, turn 1/4 right step R fwd, run fwd L, run fwd R 6:00
********** Restart here Wall 4 (change the last '&' count to 'touch R')

S3: Rock recover back, back touch, back touch, rock recover turn 1/2 L turn 1/2 L, rock recover
1-2&Rock L fwd, recover R, step L back
3&Step R back to right diagonal, drag/touch L beside R
4&Step L back to left diagonal, drag/touch R beside L
*********** Restart here Wall 8
5-6&7Rock R back, recover L, turn 1/2 left step R back, turn 1/2 left step L fwd
(no turn option: Rock R back, shuffle fwd L R L)
8&Rock R fwd, recover L

Ending: Last Wall (11) starts facing 12:00.... - dance the first 5 counts, then add:
Point R toe to right side and bow to front!