Honey Honey

Jenny Brookes (NZ) - June 2021
Honey Honey - Johnny Reid

Starts on vocals (2+2 walls)
**2 restarts: changing direction to 3.00 & 9.00. The second restart brings the dance back to facing 12.00 & 6.00

[1-8] Full Turn Right, R Side Shuffle, Rock Recover, Behind Side ¼ Turn
1-2Step ½ turn R, step L back turning ½ right back to the front
3&4Step R to right side, step L beside (&), step L beside R
5-6Step L behind R, recover weight back onto R
7&8Step L to left side, step R behind L ¼ turning left (&), step L beside R, (9.00)

[9-16] Rock Recover, R Coaster, Pivot ¼, Cross Shuffle
1-2Step R forward, recover, weight back onto the L,
3&4Step R back, step L beside R (&), Step fwd on the R,
5-6Step L fwd pivot ¼ turn, recover weight on to R,
7&8Cross L over R, step R to right (&), step L across R, (12.00)

[17-24] Step, Hold, Ball Step, Rock Recover ¼, Side Shuffle, Cross Shuffle
1-2Step R fwd, hold
&3-4Step fwd on ball of L foot (&), step R fwd, recover onto L
5&6Step R ¼ turn, step L beside R (&), step R to side, (3.00)
7&8Step L in front over right, step R to right side (&), step L across R
***** 2 restarts *****

[25-32] Point & Heel, Heel & Point, Jazz Box ¼ Turn
1&2&Point R to right side, close beside L, Touch L heel fwd, close beside R
3&4&Point L toe to left side, close beside R, Touch R heel fwd, close beside L
5-8Step R across in front of L, step L back, step R ¼ turn to right side, step L beside R (6.00)

**2 Restarts; on walls 2 & 6 after 24 counts*****
The first restart facing 3.00 and the second facing 6.00

Finish; The last wall starts facing front, dance up to count 8 but remain facing the front

Contact; jennybrookes76 @gmail.com