The Storm of Love (愛的暴風雨)

Tina Chen Sue-Huei (TW) & Juilin Chen (TW) - June 2021
The Storm of Love (愛的暴風雨) (DJ霄霄粵語版) - Meng Han (夢涵)

Intro : 32 counts - No Tag, No Restart

Main Dance (32 Counts)
SI. Side Across Side Back Flick Touches - Side Beside Touches - R Chasse
1-4Touch R Toe To R Side, Touch Across L, Touch R Side, Flick Behind L & Tap With Your L Hand
5-6Touch R Toe To R Side, Touch Beside L
7&8R Chasse On RLR

SII. Across Side Touches - ¼ L Coaster Turn - Fwd Shuffle 2X
1-2Touch L Toe Across R, Touch To L Side
3&4¼ Turn L Back Step L, Tog Step R, Fwd Step R (9.00)
5&6Fwd Shuffle On RLR
7&8Fwd Shuffle On LRL

SIII. Fwd Rock Recover - Behind Touch ½ R Turn - L/R Samba Whisk
1-2Fwd Rock R, Recover On L
3-4Touch R Toe Behind L Heel, ½ Turn R Step Down On R (3.00)
5&6Step L To L Side, Cross R Behind L, Step L In Place
7&8Step R To R Side, Cross L Behind r, Step R In Place

SIV. ¼ L ½ L - Back Rock Fwd Touch - ¼ R Jazz Box Cross
1-2¼ Turn L Fwd Step L (12.00), ½ Turn L Back Step R (6.00)
3-4Back Rock L, Touch R Toe Fwd
5-8Cross R Over L, ¼ Turn R Back Step L, Tog Step R, Cross L Over R (9.00)

Happy Dancing!