Let's Get Up

Vanna Zerlotin (IT) & Paolo Gusella (ITY) - June 2021
You're Gonna Get Back Up - Lisa McHugh

intro 16 count

Intro - 32 Count Of Instrumental Is Vocal , Start Dancing From [17-24] [25-32]

Shuffle Forward, Turn ½ Shuffle Back, Coaster Step, Slide
1&2Right Forward, Close Left Next To Right, Step Right Forward
3&4Turn ½ To Right With Left Back, Close Right Next To Left, Step Back Left
5&6Step Right Back, Close Left Next Right, Step Right Forward
7 - 8Big Step Left To Left, Touch Right Beside Left
(Restart At Wall 3 Ore 6.00)

Step Lock Step, Step Lock Step, Rock Step Turn 1/2, Step Turn 1/2, Coaster Step
1&2Step Right Forward, Cross Left Behind Right, Step Right Forward
3&4Step Left Forward, Cross Right Behind Left, Step Left Forward
5&6Turn ½ To Left Whit Right Step Back, Recover Left, Turn ½ To Left With Right Step Back
7&8Step Left Back, Close Right Next Left, Step Left Forward
(Restart At Wall 5 Ore 6.00)

Slide Touch Kick Ball Cross, Slide Touch, Kick Ball Cross
1- 2Big Step Right To Right, Touch Left Beside Right
3&4Kick Left Forward, Close Left Next Right, Cross Right Over Left
5- 6Big Step Left To Left, Touch Right Beside Left
7&8Kick Right Forward, Close Right Next Left, Cross Left Over Right
(Restart At Wall 9 Ore 6.00)

Rocking Chair, Jazz Box
1 - 2Step Right Forward, Recover To Left
3 - 4Step Right Back, Recover Left
5 - 6Cross Right Over, Step Left Back
7 - 8Step Right Side, Step Left Forward

Final - With Stomp Down Right Side (Ore 12.00)