Maria Gaglio (USA) - July 2021
Country & Cold Cans - Dierks Bentley

[1-8] Shuffle right, ¾ turn, Shuffle forward, Cross point
1&2Shuffle to the right
3-4Three quarter turn turning to the right
5&6Shuffle forward with the left
7-8Right cross over left, left toe touch out

[9-16] Cross point, Cross step, Grapevine right
1-2Left cross over right, right toe touch out
3-4Right cross over left, left step
5-6-7-8Right step out, left step behind, right step out, left cross step

[17-24] Ball step, Rock step, Heal switch, Rock step, Heal switch
&Step ball of right
1-2Left rock forward, recover on the right
&3&4Step left, heel right and left
&5-6Step left, right rock forward, recover left
&7&8Step right, heel left and right

[25-32] Weight switch to right, Half turn, Shuffle forward, Body roll twice
&1-2Step right foot down, Half turn right
3&4Left shuffle forward
5-6-7-8Right toe touch body roll twice

[33-40] Shuffle right, Full turn, Grapevine left, Right step quarter turn left
1&2Shuffle to the right
3-4Full turn towards the right
5-6-7Left step out, right step behind, left step out
8Left quarter turn stepping forward on right

[41-48] Half turn, ¼ turn, Brush, Rock forward and back
1-2-3Half turn left, stepping out on right, quarter turn left
4Right brush
5-6Right rock forward, recover on left
&Right step next to left
7-8Left rock back, recover on right

[49-56] Shuffle turn, Rock step, Jazz box cross
1&2Left foot shuffle half turn to the right
3-4Right rock back, recover on left
5-6-7-8Cross right over left, step back on left, right step out, cross left over right

Restart on 3rd wall after 16 counts