Mavericks Cha Cha (aka Song Poder Vivir)

LTD Tucker (BEL) & Gaye Teather (UK) - August 2021
Poder Vivir - The Mavericks : (CD: En Espanol - iTunes & amazon)

Intro ; Very quick ,, intro start 5 seconds into track
Restart on wall 7

Side Right , Together , Rght shuffle forward , Side left , Together, Left shuffle forward
1-2Step right to right side , step left beside right
3&4Step forward on right , step left beside right , step forward on right
5-6Step left to left side , step right beside left
7&8Step forward on left ,step right beside left , step forward on left

Step , Pivot ¼ turn left , Cross shuffle forward ,Side left , touch , Kick-ball - Cross
1-2Step forward on right , Pivot ¼ turn left ( 9o'clock )
3&4Cross right over left , step left to left side ,cross right over left
5-6Step left to left side , Touch right beside left
7&8Kick right foot forward , step right beside left , cross left over right
Restart from beginning at this point during wall 7 ( you will be facing 3 o'clock )

Monterey ¼ Turn Right , Mambo forward Mambo back
1-2Touch right toes to right side , ¼ turn right stepping right beside left
3-4Touch left toes to left side , step left beside right
5&6Rock forward on right , Recover onto left , step slightly back on right
7&8Rock back on left ,Recover onto right ,Step left slightly forward

Step Pivot ½ Turn Left , step Pivot ¼ Turn Left , Jazz box cross
1-2Step forward on right ,Pivot ½ turn left
3-4Step forward on right , Pivot ¼ Turn Left
5-6Cross right over left , step back on left
7-8Step Right to ride side , Cross Left over right

Start Again

Happy Line Dancing