I like Pina Coladas

Michelle Wright (USA) - August 2021
Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song) - Crystal Rock, Marc Kiss & Warren Attwell

Have as much fun as possible with it!
Add those shimmys, shakes, rolls, or whatever you please!
No tags or restarts! (You're welcome!)

Section 1: Forward RL, R forward mambo, Back LR, L back mambo
1,2 Step R forward, step L forward
3&4 Step forward R, Recover on L, step back R
5,6 Step back L, Step back R
7&8 Step L back L, Recover on R, Step L forward

Section 2: Sway RL, R side Shuffle Sway LR L side shuffle
1,2 Step R to R side as you sway hips to R, sway hips to L as you put weight on L
3&4 Step R to R side, step L next to R, Step R to R side
5,6 Step L to L side as you sway hips L, Sway hips R weight R
7&8 Step L to L side, Step R next to L, Step L to L side

Section 3: R&L cross mambo, ¼ pivot x2 with optional hip rolls
1&2 Cross R over L, Recover on L, Step R to R side
3&4 Cross L over R, Recover on R, step L to L side
5,6 Step R forward , make a ¼ turn L weight on L
7,8 Step R forward, Make a ¼ turn L weight on L
(5,6,7,8 optional hip rolls: when making ¼ turn move hips from L to R counter clockwise)

Section 4: R Cross,L back, R side slide, L cross, hip bumps RLRL
1,2 Cross R over L, step back L
3,4 Big step R, Cross L over R
5,6 Bump hip R, Bump hip L
7,8 Bump Hip to R , Bump hip L
(option for 5,6,7,8: shake your hips as much as you please and shoulder shimmies)

End of dance! Any questions please email Michellelinedance@gmail.com