Modern Woman

Beginner waltz
R Beltran Greentree (AUS) - August 2021
Modern Woman - Matthew Barber : (Album: Ghost Notes)

I want to dedicate this dance to TY and AMY in "HEARTLAND". They made so many people happy.
Intro: 48 counts (begin dance after the 3 bass guitar beats and vocal starts on 'Modern Woman')

S1: Fwd Waltz ,Back Waltz
1 2 3Step L fwd, step R next to L, step L in place
4 5 6Step back on R, step L next to R, step R in place

S2: Left Twinkle, Right Twinkle
1 2 3Cross L over R, step R to side, step L in place
4 5 6Cross R over L, step L to side, step R in place

S3: right Cross Diagonal Fwd, Point Hold, left Cross Diagonal Fwd, Point Hold
1 2-3Long step fwd on L cross diagonally to right corner, Point R to side Hold
4 5-6Long step fwd on R cross diagonally to left corner, Point L to side Hold

S4: 1/4 left Twinkle Turn, Coaster Step
1 2 3Cross L over R, 1/4 left Step R to side next to L, step L in place
4 5 6Step back on R, step L next to R, step R fwd 9:00

S5: Fwd Sweeps (L,R)
1 2-3Step fwd on L sweeping R to front for 2 counts
4 5-6Step fwd on R sweeping L to front for 2 counts

S6: 1/4 Diamond
1 - 6Cross L over R(1), step R to side(2), 1/8 left Step back on L(3), step back on R(4), 1/8 left Step L to side(5), step R fwd(6) 6:00

S7: 1/4 right Side drag Touch Hold, 1/4 left Side drag Touch Hold
1 2-31/4 right Long step to side on L dragging R, touch R next to L Hold
4 5-61/4 left Long step to side on R dragging L, touch L next to R Hold 6:00

S8: 1/4 left Fwd Rock Hold, Back Rock Hold
1 2-31/4 left Step rock fwd on L (slightly lean body fwd) pointing R behind Hold for 2 counts
4 5-6Rock back on R (slightly lean body back) pointing L in place Hold for 2 counts 3:00

Start dance again.

No tags and no restarts

End of dance: Please do finish the dance to the end of instrumental music, dance to 24 counts on Wall 9(12:00) then step L fwd, 1/4 right Keep weight on R, point L to side (12:00). Otherwise, finish dance on Wall 7(6:00) to 45 counts then 1/4 right Keeping weights on R sway right, on L sway left.