Foolish Love (바라만 본다)

Eun Mi Lim (KOR) - September 2021
Foolish Love - M.O.M

Intro: 32 counts (approx. 17secs)

S1: Sways (R, L, R, L), Forward Mambo (R, L)
1-2Step R to right side with sway R, Sway L
3-4Sway R, Sway L
5&6Rock forward on R, Recover on L, Step R next to L
7&8Rock forward on L, Recover on R, Step L next to R

S2: Chasse 1/4Turn R, Side Rock, Syncopated Jazz Box - Cross, Point
1&2Step R to right side, Step L next to R, 1/4turn R stepping forward on R (3:00)
3-4Rock L to left side, Recover on R
4-5&Cross L over R, Step back on R, Step L to left side
7-8Cross R over L, Point L to left side
S3: Touch (Cross - Forward), Back Rock, Shuffle 1/2Turn R, Back Rock
1-2Touch L toe cross R, Touch L toe forward diagonal left
3-4Rock back on L, Recover on R
5&6Make a 1/4turn R stepping L to left side (6:00), Step R next to L, Make a 1/4turn R stepping back on L (9:00)
7-8Rock back on R, Recover on L *Restart 1

S4: Sweep, Touch, Kick - Ball - Cross, Point - Cross (R, L)
1-2Sweep R forward around into a full circle right, Touch R toe beside L
3&4Kick R forward, Step ball of R beside L, Cross L over R *Restart 2
5-6Point R to right side, Cross R over L
7-8Point L to left side, Cross L over R

Restart 1: During wall 5 (facing 12:00), restart the dance 24 counts
Restart 2: During wall 10 (facing 9:00), restart dance 28 counts

Enjoy Dancing Always~!

Eun Mi: