Georgie Mygrant (USA) - September 2021
Flaws - Alan Jackson

Intro: 32 At the end of wall #5, do the first 3 sessions through wall #6, then Start Over.

#1. Side Step, a slight diagonal step R,R/L,L 4 Counts Each Way ( like a Lock step)
1-4Step R side, step L to R, step, R touch L to R
5-8Step L, step R to L, step L, touch R to L

#2. Basic Side slight diagonal Step moving back R/L then a Basic side Step, Opposite Foot Behind
1-4Step side R, touch L to R, Step L, touch R to L
5-8Step side L, touch R behind L, Step R, touch L behind R

#3. Vine R, Vine L, Turning ¼ L, Step on L
1-4Step R, L behind R, touch L to R
5-8Step L, R behind L, step L turning L ¼, step on R

#4. Walk back R, step back L, Walk Fwd.
1-4Step back R 2 counts, step on L, 2 counts
5-8Step fwd. R, step L fwd. step R fwd. step on L

One Start-Over after the doing the first 3 sessions during Wall 6
Wall #6 do #1, #2, and 3#, then start over at beginning of wall 7 and continue until the end of song!
*At session 2, you can do a slight diagonal step back each way to make it more moving!

I hope this isn't too confusing for you. It was for me trying to explain it for you. I hope you like it. mygeo@adamswells.com
I try to make my routines easy, but this is my first start-over and it is very confusing for me. Sorry!