I Am Just A Girl

Absolute Beginner
Nina Skyrud (NOR) - June 2021
I Am Just a Girl - ABBA

[1-8] Side-Touch, Side-Touch, Vine, Together
1,2Step Right to right side (1), Touch Left next to right (2) [12:00]
3,4Step Left to left side (3), Touch Right next to left (4)
5,6,7Step Right to right side (5), Cross Left behind right (6), Step Right to right side (7),
8Step Left next to right (8).
Note: Optional on count 2: Step Left slightly behind right and do a small curtsy.

[9-16] Heel Swivels x2, Vine, Touch
1,2Swivel both heels to the left (1), Swivel both heels back to center (2)
3,4Swivel both heels to the left (3), Swivel both heels back to center (4)
5,6,7Step Left to left side (5), Cross Right behind left (6), Step Left to left side (7),
8Touch Right next to left (8).

[17-24] Stroll x2, Walk back x3, Together
1,2Step Right forward (1), Brush Left (2)
3,4Step Left forward (3), Brush Right (4)
5,6,7Step Right back (5), Step Left back (6), Step Right back (7)
8Step Left next to Right (8).

[25-32] ½ Chase Turn, Touch, Side & Bump Hip L, Hip Bumps R-L, Touch
1,2Step Right forward (1), Turn ½ Turn left stepping Left forward (2),
3,4Step Right forward (3), Touch Left next to Right (4) [6:00]
5,6,7Step Left to left side bumping left hip (5), Recover weight unto Right bumping right hip (6), Recover weight onto Left bumping left hip (7)
8Touch Right next to left (8).

This dance can be used for teaching beginners to be aware of weight change and the difference between «touch» and stepping down transferring weight from one supporting leg to another.

Have fun!

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