I'm Fired Up, Don't Shut Me Down!

Beginner / Improver
Lynn Funk (USA) - September 2021
Don't Shut Me Down - ABBA

Cross Rock, Recover; Side Shuffle; Cross Rock, Recover, Shuffle Left 1/4 Turn
1-2 3&4Cross R Foot over L Foot and Recover on L Foot; Side Shuffle to Right (RLR)
5-6 7&8Cross L Foot over R Foot and Recover on R Foot; Shuffle while Turning 1/4 Left (LRL) 9:00

Step Point L and Step Point R; Cross Rock, Recover with 1/2 Right Turn; Side Shuffle
1,2,3,4Step R Foot Fwd, Point L Foot to Left Side; Step L Foot Fwd, Point R Foot to Right Side
5-6 7&8Cross R Foot over L Foot, Step L Foot back, Turn 1/2 to the Right and Right Side Shuffle (RLR) 3:00

Cross Rock, Recover, Left Side Shuffle (LRL), Cross, Side, Right Sailor Step
1-2 3&4Cross L Foot over R Foot and Recover on R Foot; Side Shuffle Left (LRL)
5-6 7&8Cross R Foot over L Foot, Step L Foot to Left; Cross R Foot Behind L Foot, Step L Foot to Left and Step R Foot To Right (Sailor Step)

Rock Back on L, Recover on R, Left Lock Step; Right Lock Step, Left Fwd Mambo
1-2 3&4Rock Back on L Foot, Recover on R Foot, Step L Foot Fwd, Lock R Foot Behind L Foot, Step Fwd on L Foot (Left Lock Step)
5&6, 7&8Step Fwd on R Foot, Lock L Foot Behind R Foot, Step Fwd on R Foot (Right Lock Step), Step Fwd on L Foot, Rock Back on R Foot and Step Back on L Foot Next to Right Foot or slightly back (Left Fwd Mambo)

Restart Dance- I hope you enjoy!

Step Change and Restart: On Wall 5 there is a change of Steps and a Restart. You will be facing 12:00 starting Wall 5. Dance the first 14 counts of the dance making the 1/2 turn then you will be facing 3:00 then just Step R with R Foot and Step L Foot next to R Foot. Restart the dance.

Ending: At the end of the dance, the music slows down, just keep dancing. You will have made the 1/2 turn to 6:00 when the music slows, I found it easier to just keep dancing and continue through both lock steps, then Step Fwd on the L Foot and Pivot 1/2 turn Right to face 12:00. Tada

Contact: Lynn Funk - slfaz441@gmail.com