Oh No, No, No

Ultra Beginner / Beginner
Helaine Norman (USA) - September 2021
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That - Elton John

Intro: Vocal - No tags or restarts

I. Conga Walk
1-4Walk forward RLR, point L side
5-8Walk back LRL, point R side

II. Cross Point X2, ¼ Turn Jazz Box
1-2Step R forward and over L, point L side
3-4Step L forward and over R, point R side
5-6Step R over L, step L back
7-8Step R side making ¼ turn right, step L together

III. Step Touches X4
1-2Step R back, touch L together
3-4Step L forward, touch R together
5-8Repeat 1-4
Optional styling: Angle body (and R shoulder) to R diagonal when stepping back (like tango corte) and on returning to the step touch together dip forward slightly)
Optional Easier Version for III: 1-4: Step side touch together X4

IV: Chase with Hold X2
1-2Step R forward, 1/2 turn pivot left, weight to L
3-4Step R forward, hold
5-6Step L forward,1/2 turn pivot right, weight to R
7-8Step L forward, hold
Optional Easier Version for IV: Forward mambo, hold. Back mambo, hold


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Last Update - 8 Oct. 2021