3 Little Birds

Ein Merin (INA) & Susanty (INA) - September 2021
Three Little Birds - Emma Stevens

Section 1 : Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn left , Flick, Point, Coaster step, Sway R-L, Behind, Side
1&2&Cross R over(1),Step L side(&),Cross R over(2), 1/4 Turn left with flick L(&) [9]
3 - 4&Point L forward(3), step L back(4), close R together(&)
5 - 6step L forward(5), Sway R(6)
7 - 8&Sway L(7), Step R behind(8), Step L side(&)

Section 2 : Forward shuffle, Back, ¼ Turn left, back, Triple ½ turn left, Sway R-L, Behind, Side
1&2Step R Forward(1), Close L together(&), Step/Rock R Forward(2)
3&4&Recover/Step L back(3), ¼ Turn left Step R slightly back(&), ¼ Turn left step L forward(4), Close R together (3rd pos.)(&)[3]
5 - 6¼ Turn left Step L forward(5), Sway R(6) [12]
7 - 8&Sway L(7), step R behind(8), step L side(&)

Section 3 : Cross, Back, ¼ Turn right, Side, Forward shuffle, Forward Mambo, Back , ¼ Turn right, Side, Forward
1 - 2Cross R over(1), step L back(2)
3 - 4&1/4 Turn right Step R side(3), Step L forward(4), Close R together(&) [3]
5 - 6&Step L forward (5), Rock R forward(6), recover on L(&)
7 - 8&Step R back(7), Step L back(8), ¼ Turn right step R side(&) [6]

Section 4 : Forward, Push ball home R-L, Kick ball cross, Side, Together
1 - 2Step L forward(1), Push R ball forward BA diagonally right AST(2)
3 - 4Step R home facing front(3), Push L ball forward BA diagonally left AST(4)
5 - 6&Step L home facing front(5), Kick R diagonally forward(6), Step R ball next to L(&)
7 - 8&Cross L over(7), Step R side(8), Close L together(&)

Tag after 6th repetitions: do a couple counts of Swivel Turn then start the dance over facing 6.00
1 - 2Cross R over(1), ½ Turn left step L forward(2) [6]