A Little Sweet (有點甜)

Lilly Lee (TW), Linda Yu (TW) & Karen Lee (TW) - September 2021
A Little Sweet (有點甜) - Sam Lin (林仲軒) & Shara Lin (林逸欣) : (Silence Wang (汪蘇瀧) Cover)

Intro: 32 Counts, *No Restart. /No Tag.

[S1]: Cross, Side, Recover, Cross, Side, Recover, Cross, Hold
1-4Cross RF Over LF, Rock LF To L Side, Recover RF To R Side , Cross LF Over RF
5-8Rock RF To R Side, Recover LF To L Side, Cross RF Over LF, Hold.

[S2]: Back Shuffle (Twice). Coaster, Hold
1&2,3&4Step LF Back ,Together RF(&), Step LF Back,, Step RF Back ,Together LF(&), Step RF Back,
5-6-7, 8Step LF Back, Together RF, Step LF Forward, Hold (8)
**Change to Step1-4: Wall 5、6、7, Back Shuffle(Twice) change to Back Slide(Twice)

[S3]: Vine Touch, Rolling Vine 1 1/4Turn Left Touch
1-4Step RF To R Side, Step LF behind To RF, Step RF To R Side ,Touch LF To L Side
5-8Step LF Forward 1/4 Turn Left, Step RF Back 1/2 Turn Left., Step LF Forward 1/2 Turn Left, Touch RF
**Easy option step 5-8: Vine 1/4Turn Left Touch

[S4]: Lindy, Sway, Hold.
1&2,3-4Step RF To R Side, Together LF(&), Step RF To R Side, Rock LF Back, Recover RF In Place,
5-8Sway LF To L Side, Sway RF To R Side, Sway LF To L Side, Hold
**Note: Wall 8 is our last wall (starts facing 3:00), Do counts 1-24 (now facing 12:00) hold, listen to music, when singing starts again slowly full turn right, then Cross Unwind Full Turn L when the last word is out.

**Ending (14 Count)
Hold, Rolling Vine Full Turn R, Cross Unwind Full Turn L
1-4Hold x 4
5-8Step RF Side 1/4 Turn Right, Step LF Back 1/2 Turn Right., Step RF Side 1/4 Turn Right, Touch LF
9-10&11-14Hold x 2, Together LF(&), Cross RF Over LF, Unwind Full Turn L (11-14)


Enjoy and happy Dancing...

Contacts: -
Lilly Lee : lillylee0825@gmail.com
Linda Yu:hueilin52@gmail.com
Karen Lee:karenlee778@gmail.com