The Tide is High

Serly (INA) - September 2021
The Tide Is High - Atomic Kitten

Intro 16C

S. 1 - Side, Vine, Coaster Step 1/4 turn L
1,2Step RF to side, Recover on LF
3&4Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L, Cross RF over LF
5,6Step LF to side, 1/4 turn L Recover on RF
7&8Step LF back, Close RF next to LF, step LF forward

S. 2 - Rock Forward, Back Shuffle, Rock Back, Forward Shuffle
1,2Rock RF forward, Recover onto LF
3&4Step RF back, Close LF next to RF, Step RF back
5,6Rock LF back, Recover onto RF
7&8Step LF forward, Close RF next to LF, Step LF forward
*Tag here => Out-Out, In-In (4C)
*1,2 Step RF to R diagonal forward, Step LF to L diagonal forward
*3 4 Step RF back to center, Step LF beside RF

S. 3 - 1/4 Pivot Turn L, Cross Shuffle, 1/4 Monterey Turn L with Flick
1,2Step RF forward, Turn 1/4 L step LF in place
3&4Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L, cross RF over LF
5,6Point LF to side, 1/4 Turn L close LF to RF
7,8Point RF to side, RF Flick back

S. 4 - Weave Point, Jazz Box
1,2RF cross over LF, LF step L side
3,4Step RF behind LF, LF point L side & turn body slightly to R
5,6Cross LF over RF, Step back RF
7,8Step LF to side, Step RF next to LF

Restart on Wall 4 & 7 after 16C

Tag after wall 8- 4C

Enjoy & Happy Dancing...
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