The World's Been Spinning

Laura Hannele Pitkänen (FIN) - September 2021
Cover Me In Sunshine - P!nk & Willow Sage Hart

Start after 8 count intro, approx. 15 sec into the track.

[1-9]: Step & Sweep-Cross, Quarter Diamond, Touch R Diagonal, Full Turn, Chase ½ turn
1 - 2,Step R fwd & sweep L from back to front, Cross L over R.
3 & 4,Step R to right side, Turn 1/8 left and step L back, Step R back. [10.30]
5,Straighten to 9:00 stepping L to side.
6,Turn 1/8 left and touch R fwd. [7:30]
7 &,Turn ½ left stepping R back, Turn ½ left stepping L fwd. [7:30]
8 & 1Step R fwd, Turn ½ stepping L fwd, Step R fwd. [1:30]

[10-16]: Synchopated Weave, Rock-Recover, Turn ¼ & Rock-Recover-Side, Quick Sway R L
2,Straighten to 3:00 stepping L to side.
3 & 4,Step R bhd L, Step L to left side, Step R over L,
5 &,Rock L to left side, Recover R.
6 & 7,Turn ¼ right and rock L fwd, Recover R, Step L to left side. [12:00]
8 &,Shift weight to R, Shift weight to L collecting R next to L.

[17-24]: Big Side Step & Rock-Recover, Pivot ½, Press L fwd, Turn ¼ & Sweep x2, Press R back
1 - 2,Big step R to right side, Rock L back.
3 - 4,Recover R, Step L fwd and turn ½ right on the spot. [12:00] RESTART HERE, WALL 2
& 5Step R fwd, Press L fwd.
6,Step R back sweeping L from front to back and turning ¼ left. [9:00]
7,Step L back and sweep R from front to back.
8,Press R back prepping for turn.

[25-32]: Step ¼ turn & Point, ½ turn & Point, Cross-Back-Back, Cross-Back-Together, Step Fwd R L
& 1,Recover L, Turn ¼ left and Point R to side. [6:00]
& 2,Turn ½ left on L collecting R next to L, Point R to side. [12:00]
3 & 4,Cross R over L, Step L back, Step R back.
5 & 6,Cross L over R, Step R back, Step L next to R.
7 - 8,Step R fwd, Step L fwd.
[33-40]: Pivot ½ turn, Chase ½ turn, Run-Run-Hitch, Run back L R L turning ½
1 - 2,Step R fwd, Turn ½ left stepping L fwd. [6:00]
3 & 4,Step R fwd, Turn ½ left stepping L fwd, Step R fwd. [12:00]
5 & 6,Step L fwd, Step R fwd, Hitch L fwd.
7 & 8,Step L back, Turn ½ right stepping R fwd, Step L fwd. [6:00]

RESTART: on wall 2, 20 counts, after the first chorus. [6:00].
NOTE! The backround music stops, but the dance continues to the pace of the lyrics.
Don't stop and wait for the lyrics to start or you will miss it. But slow down the pivot turn!
Hold your weight on L when you turn ½ right on count 4, Step R fwd and sweep L on count 1.

LYRICAL COUNTING AFTER RESTART MAY HELP (She sings "From a distance..." during 4 counts):
"[From 1] [a 2] [di- 3] [-s- &] [-tance 4]..." The beat comes back on count 5.

ENDING 12:00 [35-36] Pivot ½ turn & ½ turn on the spot:
3 & 4Step R fwd, Turn ½ left stepping L fwd, ½ turn left on the spot.

Good luck! And remember that The World's Been Spinning since the beginning and everything'll be alright! ;)