Yakety Yak

Hiroko Carlsson (AUS) - October 2021
Yakety Yak - The Coasters

(Dance starts on the word "Trash")

[S1] Double Heel Tap, Run-Run-Run, Step-Pivot 1/2L, Run-Run-Run
1 2Tap R heel forward twice
3&4Run forward on R-L-R
5 6Step forward on L, Make a 1/2 turn right recover weight on R (6:00)
7&8Run forward on L-R-L

[S2] 2x (Heel & Toe Tap, Side Shuffle)
1 2Tap R heel forward, Tap R toe back
3&4Step R to the side, Step L beside R, Step R to the side
5 6Tap L heel forward, Tap L toe back
7&8Step L to the side, Step R beside L, Step L to the side

[S3] 2x (Fwd Rock, Coaster Step)
1 2Rock forward on R, Replace weight on L
3&4Step back on R, Step L next to R, Step forward on R
5 6Rock forward on L, Replace weight on R
7&8Step back on L, Step R next to L, Step forward on L

[S4] Step-Pivot 1/4L, 3 Stomps, Heel Out-Toe Out-Toe In-Heel In
1 2Step forward on R, Make a 1/4 turn left recover weight on L (3:00)
3&4Stomp 3 times on R-L-R weight ends on both feet
5 6Swivel both heels out, Swivel both toes out
7 8Swivel both toes in, Swivel both heels in

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(updated: 13/Oct/21)