Lips Afire

Absolute Beginner / Beginner
Helaine Norman (USA) - November 2021
Such a Night - Michael Bublé

Intro: Vocal - No Tags or Restarts. Ends at 12:00 after 24 counts (jazz box).

I. Kick Step X 4
1-2Kick R forward (low), step R together
3-4Kick L forward (low), step L together
5-8Repeat 1-4
Optional for kicks: Touches forward or R touch/kick charleston step

II. Side Together Side Touch; Side Together, ¼ L Turn Scuff (or Brush)
1-2Step R side, step L together
3-4Step R side, touch L together
5-6Step L side, step R together
7-8Step L side making ¼ left turn, scuff R forward
Optional for 8: Touch R together

III. Jazz Box (SSSS)
1-2Step R over
3-4Step L back
5-6Step R side
7-8Step L together
Optional styling: Toe struts instead of steps.

IV. Twivel R Hold; Twivel L Hold
1-2Twist both heels to R, twist both toes to R
3-4Twist both heels to R, hold (weight to right)
5-6Twist both heels to L, twist both toes to L
7-8Twist both heels to L, hold (weight to left)
Optional for IV: Step R side (slow), touch L together (slow); Step L side (slow), touch R together (slow). Shake shoulders (shimmies) for styling are also optional.



Last Update - 7 Nov. 2021