Kick Up The Soul

Improver / Intermediate
Amanda Pearce (USA) - November 2021
America's Sweetheart - Elle King

Intro: 16 Counts - Tag: wall 8 after 22 counts (2 counts)
**Weight starts on RIGHT foot**

[1-8] Step ½ Turn, Shuffle, Full Turn, Scissor Step
1-2 Step fwd L, ½ Turn over R shoulder
3&4 Shuffle L R L
5-6 Full turn over L shoulder
7-8 Slide R stepping down on R, Touch L foot next to R

[9-16] Fwd Kick L, ¼ Turn L with L Kick, Coaster Step, ¼ Toe Strut with R, ¼ Toe Strut with L
1-2 Kick fwd L, make ¼ turn L and kick L keeping weight on R foot the whole time
3&4 Step back on L, Step R next to L, Step fwd L
5-6 Make ¼ turn over L shoulder touching R toe fwd, Step down R
7-8 Make ¼ turn over R shoulder touching L toe fwd, Step down L

[17-24] ¼ Behind Side Cross Shuffle, Step ¼ Pivot Turn, Step L, 1/4 Turn L (Start of Full Turn)
1-2 ¼ turn R and cross R behind L, Step L to L side
3&4 cross R in front of L and shuffle R L R
5-6 Step L to L side and make a ¼ pivot turn over R shoulder stepping on R
*2 count Tag on wall 8 - Step L, Step R, Restart *
7-8 Step fwd L, Make 1/4 turn over L shoulder stepping out R

[25-32] Full Turn Over L Moving To the R, Behind Side Cross, ¼ Turn L with Slide Back, Touch, Kick L, Step L Together, Step FWD R
1-2 Make ½ turn over L shoulder stepping out L, Continue with another ½ turn over L shoulder steppin out R (makes a full turn)
3&4 Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L in front of R
5-6 Make a ¼ turn over L shoulder while sliding back on R leg, Touch L foot next to R
7&8 Kick L leg Fwd, Step L next to R, Step FWD R