Colombia Charm

High Beginner
Yovana Russell (CAN) & Deborah O'Hara (CAN) - January 2022
Colombia, Mi Encanto - Carlos Vives : (Album: Encanto)

#16 count intro - No tags. No restarts
**Add hip lift and hip roll options to add a Cumbia flavour

Step touch hip lift (K step style) Hitch, Step lock L
1,2Step R diagonal to R (1), touch L together and lift L hip diagonal (2)
3,4Step L back to L (3), touch R together and lift R hip (4)
5,6Step R back to 12:00 o'clock (5), hitch L knee up lift L hip at the same time (6)
7&8Step L forward (7) lock R behind left (&), step L forward (8)
**(Optional: Basic K step on count 1 to 5)

R cross Weave, ¼ turn, V Step
1,2R cross L (1), open L (2),
3,4Step R behind L (3), ¼ turn to left step L (4)
5,6Step R fwd diagonal (5), Step L fwd diagonal (6),
7,8Step R back to centre (7), Step L beside R (8)
**(Optional: add shoulder shimmies while performing the V step)

R Heel grin, R rock Side touch, Walk step ½ turn
1,2Cross R heel over L while grinding heel on floor (1), recover L (2)
3,4Rock back R to right side on an angle (3), recover L (4),
5-8Walk while turning ½ wall over left shoulder, Step R, L, R, L
**(Optional: Push back R hip up on count 3. On count 5 to 8 try ¼ turn pivot over left while rolling your hips half circle left, circle back to right x2)

Rock side cross R, Rock side L cross behind, Point R Front & Side, R Cross over, L drag back, L together Hip push back
1,2Cross R over L (1), Touch L toe fwd angled to left lift L hip, (2)
3,4Cross L behind R (3), Touch R toe fwd angled to right lift R hip (4)
5, 6Point R fwd across LF (5), Point R toe fwd angled right (6)
7&8Cross R over L (7), step L back and push hips back (&), touch R beside L together (8),
**(Optional: hip lifts on 2, 4, 5, 6)

If you would like to end the dance at the front wall, you have the option of doing ¼ turns on wall 9 and 10 section 3 - count 5 to 8

For more information contact :
Yovana Russell
Deborah O'Hara dancing