High Horse

Kim Carpentino (USA) & Kathleen Crocker (USA) - March 2022
High Horse (feat. BRELAND & Blanco Brown) - Nelly

No Tags or Restarts

[1 - 8] Lock Step Shuffle Right Lock Step Shuffle L
1-2Step right, step left foot behind right -weight on left
3-4Step right, slide left, step right
5-6Step left, step right foot behind left - weight on right
7-8Step left, slide right, step left

[9 -16] Step Hitch (L-R), Toe ¼ Turn (R), Step Right, Left
1-2Step right, hitch left knee up across right leg
3-4Step left, hitch right knee up across left leg
5-6Touch right toe to the right side, Turn ¼ right (weight on left)
7-8Step right then Left

[17 - 24] Vine Right 2 claps, Vine Left 2 Claps
1-2Step right, step left behind right,
3&4Step right, touch left next to right with two claps
5-6Step left, step right behind left,
7&8Step left, touch right next left with two claps

[25 - 32] Rocking Chair, ½ Turn, Walk R, Walk L
1-2Rock forward right, recover on left
3-4Rock back right, recover on left
5-6Step right foot forward making a ½ turn over left shoulder (weight on left)
7-8Step forward right, step forward left

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Last Update - 9 Apr 2022