Cowboy Killer

Dan Moon (USA) - May 2022
Cowboy Killer - Ian Munsick & Ryan Charles

*Note - Please email me for an extended and edited version of the song to make it more dance friendly.

Cross and heel, hip bumps, cross and heel, triple
1&2 -L cross over R, step R to side, weight on ball of L foot
&3&4 -Hip bump L out, in, out, in (while simultaneously dipping L knee inwards)
&5&6 -Step L to side, cross R over L, step L side, R heel
&7&8 -Step weight to R with 1/4 turn, triple forward L R L. (Should now be facing 3pm)

Rock Fwd R, Recover, 1/2 Turn Triple, Rock Fwd L, Recover, Heel and Stomp
1, 2 -Rock Fwd R, recover onto L
3&4 -Triple R L R w/ 1/2 turn over R shoulder
5, 6 -Rock Fwd L, recover onto R (throw a body roll onto the rock forward)
&7&8 -Step back onto L, R heel, weight onto R with a L stomp

Forward traveling sailors, booty shaking 1/2 turn
1,2& -Sailor step Fwd - R L R
3,4& -Sailor step Fwd - L R L
5,6,7,8 -Booty shakes as you 1/2 turn over your L shoulder (or paddle turn with R foot)

Box step w/ 1/4 turn, heel grind, coaster
1,2,3,4 -Box step R crossing over L as you 1/4 turn to the R
5,6 -Grind R heel from L to R with a 1/4 turn right
7&8 -Coaster step R L R

Two Restarts -
First happens on 4th time through - after count 16, restart happens at “If you think your truck”
Second happens at 5th time through - after count 24, restart happens at “She’s a Cowboy Killer”

Two Tags:-
TAG 1 - Comes after your 6th run through. Right before “Look, see that beautiful face”
1&2 -Cross L over R, step R to side, and L heel
&3&4 -Weight onto L, cross R over L, step L to side, and R heel

TAG 2 - You do 32 counts. Tag 2 comes after the second “she’ll shoot you down”. Shake with the banjo .
1, 2, 3, 4 -Shake hips R, L, R, L


Last Update – 24 May 2022 – R3