Intermediate Disco / Funk
Olga Klöne (NL) - May 2022
Finally (feat. Saint Ronil) - Alain Clark

Restart: Start again after 16 counts in the 4th wall.

R Kick & step out, L-R hips, mambo back R-L with ¼ turn right
1Rf kick forward
&Rf Step right
2Lf Step left
3Hip to left
4Hip to right
5Lf Step back
&Rf Step in place, ⅛ turn R (face 1:30)
6Lf Step left, ⅛ turn R (face 3:00)
&Rf Step back
7Lf Step in place
8Clap your hands

Drag step R with ¼ turn right, dragstep L, R touch combination with arms
9Rf Step right
10Lf Drag to Rf, ¼ turn R (face 6:00)
11Lf Step slightly diagonal left (towards 4:30)
12Rf Drag to Lf
13Rf Touch forward, cross arms in front
14Rf Touch right, open arms
15Rf Step back, cross arms in front
16Lf Hitch, open arms
&Lf Step next to Rf
*At this point you start again in the 4th wall.

R heel ball change, bodyroll, Rf close & Lf step, jazzbox R with full turn right
17Rf Touch heel forward
&Rf Step next to Lf
18Lf Step forward
19Small bodyroll
&Rf Step next to Lf
20Lf Step forward
21Rf Step over Lf
22Lf Step back
23Rf ¼ turn right, step forward (face 9:00)
24Lf Step in front of Rf and turn ¾ right (face 6:00)

R kick ball cross 2x, walk r-l in place 2x (optional: walk a full turn)
25Rf Kick forward
&Rf Step slightly right
26Lf Step in front of Rf
27Rf Kick forward
&Rf Step slightly right
28Lf Step in front of Rf
29Rf Step slightly back
30Lf Step slightly back
31Rf Step slightly back
32Lf Step slightly back

Funk it up and enjoy!
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