Like I Love Country Music

Karen McMillan Clark (USA) - May 2022
Like I Love Country Music - Kane Brown

Tag After Wall 5 - No Restarts
Start with Weight on L

S1 (1-8) Right Side Mambo, Cross Hold; Left Side Mambo, Cross, Hold
1-2Right Side Mambo (R Step to R side putting weight on R, Recover L in place putting weight on L
3-4Cross R over L, Hold 1 count
5-6Left Side Mambo (L Step to L side putting weight on L, Recover R in place putting weight on R)
7-8Cross L over R, Hold 1 count

S2 (9-16) R Jazz Square ¼ Turn, R Lindy, Rock-Recover
1-4Right Jazz Square ¼ Turn to R (Step Forward R, Step Back L, Turning ¼ to R while Stepping forward R, Step L beside R
5 & 6Right Lindy; side shuffle RLR moving rightward
7-8Rock-Recover; Rock back L, Step Forward R

S3 (17-24) L Lindy, Rock-Recover, R ½ Pivot (x2)
1 & 2Left Lindy; side shuffle LRL moving leftward
3-4Rock-Recover; Rock back R, Step Forward L
5-6Right Pivot ½; Step forward R, pivot ½ turning L
7-8Right Pivot ½; Step forward R, pivot ½ turning L

S4 (25-32) Shuffle forward, Rock-Recover, Shuffle Back Turn ½, Pivot Turn ½
1&2Forward Shuffle RLR
3-4Forward Rock-Recover; Step Forward L, Recover back R
5&6Shuffle Back LRL Turning L ½
7-8Right Pivot ½; Step forward R, Pivot ½ turning L

S5 (33-40) Monterey Turn ¼, Right Jazz Square
1-4Monterey Turn; (1,2) Point Right foot to R, ¼ Turn to R, Step R. (3,4) Point Left foot to L, Step L beside R
5-8Jazz Square; Cross Right over L, Step L back, Step R to the Right, Step L beside R

S6 (41-48) R Giant Slide Step, Rock-Recover, L Giant Slide Step, Rock-Recover
1-2Giant Slide Step to R with R, while dragging L rightward
3-5Rock Recover LR; Step L back at a diagonal rightward, Step R Forward
5-6Giant Slide Step to L with L, while dragging R leftward
7-8Rock Recover; Step R back at a diagonal leftward, Step L Forward

Tag after Wall 5 - Hip Bumps RLRL
1-4Step R beside L, bump hips RLRL

Choreographer’s Note: When the music sounds like it is ending, keep dancing. The song isn’t really stopping. It will continue for almost a minute more!

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