I Ain't Never

Glenda Silver (AUS) - April 2022
I Ain't Never - Paul Costa : (Album: Restoration)

DANCE: Anti- Clockwise INTRO: 16 count on vocals, just after he sings “well I ain’t never”

Heel R 450, Together, Heel L 450, Together, Side Shuffle RLR, Rock Back, Replace
1234R Heel diag, tog, L Heel diag, tog
5&678Side shuffle RLR, rock L behind R, replace onto R

Heel L 450, Together, Heel R 450, Together, Side Shuffle LRL, Rock back, Replace
1234L Heel diag, tog, Heel R diag, tog
5&678Side shuffle LRL, rock R behind L, replace onto L

Step Forward R, Point To Side, Step Forward L, Point To Side, Paddle Turn 1/4 L, Paddle 1/4 Turn L
1234Step Fwd R, point L to side, step fwd L, point R to side
5678Step Fwd R, 1/4 turn L on L, step Fwd R, 1/4 turn L on L

Rocking Chair R, ** Box Step 1/4 Turn R, Step Forward L
1234Rock Fwd onto R, replace onto L, rock back R, replace onto L
5678Cross R over L, step back L, 1/4 turn R stepping side R, step fwd L

Shuffle Forward RLR, Rock Forward L, Replace, Shuffle Back LRL, Rock Back, Replace
1&234Shuffle Fwd RLR, rock Fwd L, replace onto R
5&678Shuffle Back LRL, rock back onto R, replace onto L

Step Forward R, 1/2 Pivot L, Step Forward R, Hold, Step Forward L, 1/2 Pivot R, Step Forward L, Hold
1234Step fwd R, 1/2 turn L on L, step Fwd R, hold
5678Step fwd L, 1/2 turn R on R, step Fwd L, hold

Side R, Rock Left Behind R, Cross Shuffle RLR, Side L, Rock Right Behind L, Cross Shuffle LRL
123&4Step side R, rock L behind R, cross shuffle RLR to side L
567&8Step side L, rock R behind L, cross shuffle LRL to side R

Rock Back R, Replace, Forward R, *** Hold, Rock Forward L, Replace, Together Left, Hold
1234Rock back R, replace onto L, step Fwd R, hold
5678Rock Fwd L, replace onto R, L tog, hold

TAG + RESTART: Wall 3. Facing 12.00. Dance to count 28, add tag

TAG: ** Box Step without turn

FINISH: *** Wall 5. Facing 9.00. dance to count 60.
5678Step fwd L, 1/2 turn R on R, step fwd L hold, facing 12.00

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