K.M.A. CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Cheri Parrish, Tammy Chamblee, Scott Driver & Bonnie & Ronnie Parrish

1-2Stand straight, fold left arm chest level & right arm over left.
3-4Move left leg slightly forward, lean slightly back on right.
5-8Lower head slightly, glare forward, continue glare but shift weight to left.
9-10Touch right heel forward, step right beside left.
11&Spread toes apart & return to center.
12&Heel split, return to center (weight on right).
13-14Touch left heel forward, step left beside right.
15&Spread toes apart & return to center.
16&Heel split, return to center (weight on left).
17-20Turning grapevine right, scuff left, step left to side.
21-24Slide right beside left & clap.
25-26Step right to right side while kissing right fingertips, slap right hand to right side of right buttock.
27-28Kiss left fingertips, slap left hand to left side of left hip.
29-30With hands on hips rock right hip to right (weight on right), rock left hip to left (weight on left).
31-32Rock right hip to right, rock left hip to left.
33-34Return hands to waist & step forward right, pivot ½ turn to left (weight on left).
35-36Stomp right beside left, stomp left beside right (weight on left).
37-38Point right toe to right side, cross right over left (weight on right).
39-40Point left toe to left side, step left beside right.
41-44Right kick ball change twice.
45-48Jazz box right.
49-50Step right to right side, cross left over right to right side of right.
51-54Repeat steps 49-50 two more times.
55-56Touch left beside right, hold & clap.
57-58Step forward right, pivot ½ turn to left (weight on left).
59-60Repeat steps 57-58.
61-64Step back right-left-right, turn ½ to right, stomp left beside right (weight on left).
65-68Stomp right beside left 3 times, hold.
69&70Cross right ball change.
71&72Right kick ball change.