Virgo Strut

Michael Flores
Always Makin Love - The Kentucky Headhunters

If danced as a couples dance, the couples should start in Promenade Position
1Touch left toe to left side slightly back
2Touch left toe to right instep
3Touch left toe to left side slightly back
4Set left foot beside right foot
5Touch right toe to right side
6Touch right heel to the front
7Touch right toe to right side
8Touch right toe behind left foot
9-11Right vine - right, left, on last right step, turn ¼ to the right
12Kick left foot forward
13-14Step left foot forward and bump left hip forward twice
15-16Shift weight to right foot and bump right hip back twice
17Step left foot forward
18Pivot on ball of left foot ½ to the left as you swing right foot (keep weight on left foot)
19&20Right shuffle forward - right, left, right
21&22Left shuffle forward - left, right, left
23Step right foot forward
24Step left foot forward
25Step right foot forward
26Stomp left foot next to right foot
27Swivel heels to the left (men tip hats)
28Swivel heels to center