D C Express

Jose Cuervo - Shelly West

1-2Touch left heel in front of you and bring it back together
3-4Touch right heel in front of you and as you bring it back together, do a step-change
You will end with weight on your right foot with the left knee bent & ready to step onto your left foot
5Step forward onto left foot
6Kick right leg forward
7Step back onto right foot
8Touch left foot back
1Step forward onto left foot-begin turning to right ¼ turn
2Bring right foot across behind left foot
3Step side onto left foot, turning ¼ turn to left
4As you bring right foot together-stomp-turning ¼ turn again to left
5-6With heels together, swivel to right and back to center
7-8Swivel to left & back to center
1-2Take 2 steps forward beginning with your left foot
You will end with your weight on right foot bend right knee slightly. Your left leg should be lifted and bent at the knee
3-4Scoot forward for 2 counts
5-6-7Step forward onto left foot and rock forward, back, forward (end with weight on left foot)
8-9-10Step forward onto right foot and rock for 3 counts
End with weight on right foot
11Pivot ¼ turn right
1-3Step onto left foot and rock for three counts
4Bring right foot together-stomp
5-8Fan heels apart and back together twice