Cowboy Sweetheart (P)

Pim Humphrey
Cowboy Sweetheart - LeAnn Rimes

Position: Start in side by side position
Mirror image dance (man starts with weight on right foot; lady with weight on left foot)
1-4Rock onto outside foot and change weight onto inside foot. (releasing left hands) cross shuffle outside foot in front of inside foot (lady passes across in front of man)
5-8Repeat beats 1-4 starting with opposite foot
9-12Man rock forward onto left foot and back onto right, left shuffle back
 Lady step forward onto right foot half pivot left, right shuffle forward
Man is now facing LOD, lady RLOD
13-16Man rock back on right foot forward onto left, right shuffle forward
 Lady step forward on left half pivot right, left shuffle forward
Both man and lady are now facing LOD back into side by side position
Raise right hands over lady's head still holding hands, hands crossed
17-24Man step forward left making ¼ turn right, cross right behind, step left to side, right cross in front, step left to side, right cross behind, turn ¼ left with left foot, step forward with right
 Lady step forward right making ¼ turn left, cross left behind, step right to side, left cross in front, step right to side, left cross behind, turn ¼ turn right with right foot, step forward with left
As you make ¼ turn to line of dance, raise right hands over lady's' head, back into side by side position
25-32MAN: Left shuffle, right shuffle, left shuffle, right shuffle
 LADY: Right shuffle, left shuffle, right shuffle, left shuffle