Cactus Canter (P)

Pip & Carolann
There Goes - Alan Jackson

Position: Start in side by side position, holding inside hands. Steps shown are Man's steps, Lady's steps are on opposite feet and mirror image, except where stated
1-4MAN: Forward walks right-left-right-left
 LADY: Forward walks left-right-left-right
5-10Three ¼ left pivots
Let go of hands, keep weight on left, step right forward and ¼ pivot left and clap, repeat twice to finish facing partner; now hold both hands
11&12Right side chassé (right-left-right)
13-14Rock back left recover weight onto right
15&16Left side chassé (left-right-left)
17-18Rock back right recover left
Raise leading hands (man's left, lady's right), drop trailing hand (man's right, lady's left)
19&20MAN: Shuffle under arch diagonally forward in front of lady
 LADY: One shuffle round behind man, and three shuffles forward
21-26Three more shuffles
That makes four shuffles each to change sides and move forward. Man now on outside of dance floor, lady on inside of dance floor
27-28Step right out to right and touch left foot besides right
29-32MAN: Left vine behind lady, (left step left side, right step behind left, left step left side, right touch beside left changing sides and changing hands)
 LADY: Four step turn (rolling vine) facing man to change places
Now back into original starting position