Body And Soul

Beginner/Intermediate level
Barry Durand (USA)
Body and Soul - Anita Baker

Step Taps  
1,2,3 Step Forward L, Tap together R, Hold 
4,5,6 Step Back R, Tap together L, Hold 
Box Step (half), Back Lock 
1,2,3 Forward L, side R, together L, 
4,5,6 Back R, Back L, Lock (cross) R in front of L 
Traveling Pivot turn 
1,2,3 Step back L , turn ½ turn right step forward R, continue turning ½ turn right and step back L 
4 continue turning ½ turn right and step forward R,  
5,6 sweep left foot while turning ½ turn right on R foot  
Cross unwind turn, ronde, cross behind ¼ turn 
&1,2,3 Step forward L, Cross R behind L, unwind to right keeping weight forward on left a full turn and ronde (sweep) R 
4,5,6 Cross R behind L, turn ¼ turn left and step forward L, step forward R 
Restart: Going into the 7th wall do the first 1-6 and then restart it again. She says ?Do You Hear me Baby?? what she means is Can you Restart Baby J, You could restart later in the song also , but it is near the end of the song so just keep dancing right though it. I would suggest a fade about 3:15