I Believe

Absolute Beginner
Stine Matthiassen - October 2007
I Believe - Glenn Rogers

Intro: 16 counts

Nightclub basic left, full turn right, cross forward, back sweep, behind side cross
1 LF Long step to the left side
2 RF Close behind LF
& LF Cross over RF
3 RF 1/4turn right, step forward (face 3:00)
4 LF 1/2 turn right, step back (face 9:00)
& RF 1/4 turn right, step right side (face 12:00)
5 LF Step forward
6 RF Step back, sweep left
7 LF Close behind right
& RF Step right side
8 LF Cross over right

Side rock cross, side lock step, rock 1/4 turn right, walk, walk
1 RF Rock right side
& LF Step left side
2 RF Cross over left
3 LF Step left side (Toe and body angel diagonal right)
& RF Lock behind left
4 LF Step left side
5 RF Rock over left
& LF Step back
6 RF 1/4 turn right, step forward (face 3:00)
7 RF Walk forward
8 LF Walk forward

Back twinkle left x2, right, coaster step left, step 1/2 turn left
1 LF Cross over right
& RF Step diagonal back
2 LF Small step diagonal back
3 RF Cross over left
& LF Step diagonal back
4 RF Small step diagonal back
5 LF Step back
& RF Step beside left
6 LF Step forward
7 RF Step forward
8 LF 1/2 turn left, weight on left (face 9:00)

Cross rock step left x2, right, right coaster step, 1/4 turn left, sway left, right
1 RF Cross over left
& LF Step back
2 RF Step right side
3 LF Cross over right
& RF Step back
4 LF Step left side
5 RF Step back
& LF Step beside right
6 RF Step forward
7 LF 1/4 turn left, step side (face 6:00) sway
8 RF Sway

Ending :
Comes when you dance wall 6, start facing the back, when you finish up the 3rd section doing a half turn, make a 1/4 more stepping RF to the right side, now facing front wall, hold until –“I believe” and make a slow full turn unwind crossing LF behind and finish up make a sweep with LF.
Feel the music Enjoy the music!
Dedicated to: Gitte Kristoffersen "The Queen Of Line Dance In Denmark"