Christmas Tree Rock

Mark Cosenza (USA) - November 2007
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Billy Gilman : (CD: Classic Christmas)

(1-8) Side Shuffle Rock Step, Side Shuffle Rock Step
1&2 Side Shuffle R, L, R
3-4 Cross Rock L Behind R, Recover R
5&6 Side Shuffle L, R, L
7-8 Cross Rock R Behind L, Recover L

(9–16) Step Scuff, 1/4 Scuff, Rocking Chair
1-2 Step Fwd R, Pivot ¼ L and Scuff L Fwd
3-4 Step Fwd L, Scuff R Fwd
5-6 Rock Fwd R, Recover L
7-8 Rock Back R, Recover L

(17-24) Step Forward, ½ Pivot, Shuffle & Side Rock, Walk Twice
1-2 Step Fwd R, Pivot ½ Turn L (Weight onto L)
3&4 Shuffle Fwd R, L, R
5-6 Side Rock L, Recover R
7-8 Walk Fwd L, R

(25–32) Step Kick, Cross Step, Back Touch, Forward Touch
1-2 Step Fwd L, Cross Kick Right over L
3-4 Cross Step R over L, Step Back L
5-6 (Angling body to the Right) Step Back R, Touch L in front of Right and Snap Your Right Fingers
7-8 (Angling body to the Right) Step Fwd L, Touch R in back of L and Snap Your Right Fingers

Before the final note of the song, you will be at 9:00 and on count 15 (the end of the Rocking Chair),
instead of rocking back, turn ¼ right and step down on right to face the front wall.