Sheila Walmsley (UK) - February 2008
Mercy - Duffy : (Album: Rockferry L - 3:39)

Start on main vocals.

Out, Out Hold.R knee in Hold,2 knee rolls R. (2 Counts)
&1,2 Quickly step R out to right side. L to Left side Hold
3,4,-5,6,-7,8 Turn R knee in, Hold. Circle R knee 2 times to R.2 beats per knee.

Make ¼ turn R shuffle forward, step forward left, ¾ turn R, Left shuffle forward.rock recover
1&2 Right shuffle 1/4 turn.R
3,4 Step forward on Left, ¾ turn R. Step down on right.
5&6 left shuffle forward.
7,8 Rock forward right, recover left.

Step right touch, step left touch. Out, out in cross, unwind 1/2turn Right
1,2,-3,4 Step right touch left beside right. Step left touch right beside left.
&5&6 Step R to right side. Step left to left side. Step right next to left.
7,8 Cross left over right, unwind ½ turn Right (2 beats) **

Right & Left shuffles forward, Rock forward recover step back drag.
1&2 Step forward right. Step left to right .Step forward Right
3&4 Step forward left. Step right to left. Step forward Left
5,6 Rock forward on right. Recover on Left
7,8 Step a long step back on Right, drag left back. W/R

Left & Right Sailor Steps, Behind & Heel,& Cross & Heel
1&2 Cross left behind right. step right side. step left side
3&4 Cross right behind left. Step left side. Step right side
5&6 Step left behind right. Step right side. Tap left heel forward
&7&8 Step left beside right. Cross right over left. Step left side. Tap right heel forward.

(&) Cross Hold. Crossing shuffle. Side Rock. Behind Turn Touch
&1,2 Step right in place. Cross left over right, Hold
&3&4 Step right side. Cross left over right. Step right side. Cross left over right.
5,6. Rock right to right side. Recover left
7&8 Step right behind left. 1/4turn left on left. Touch right in place.**

Cross Rock Recover chasse. Cross Rock Chasse
1,2 Cross right over left. Rock back on left
3&4 Step right to right side. Step left beside right. Step right to right side.
5.6 Cross left over right. Rock back on right.
7&8 Step left to left side. Step right beside left. Step left to left side.

Hip Walks. Rocking Chair Steps
1&2 Step forward on right bumping hips forward & back.
3&4 Step forward on left bumping hips forward & back.
5,6 -,7,8 Rock forward right. Recover left. Rock back right. Recover left.

** DURING 2nd wall facing back wall
** DURING 5th wall facing back wall

Finish on knee rolls facing front.