Keep Me Warm

Annette Skaff & Barbara R. K. Wallace (CAN) - November 2008
How Deep Is Your Love - Boyzone

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Right Scissor, Side, Behind, ¼ Left, ½ Pivot Left
1-3 Step right to side, step left beside right, cross right over left
4-6 Step left to side, cross right behind left, turn ¼ left and step left forward
7-8 Step forward right, pivot ½ turn left

Rock Forward, Recover, ½ Shuffle Right, ½ Shuffle Right, Rock Back, Recover
1-2 Rock forward right, recover left
3&4 Make ½ turn right shuffling right, left, right
5&6 Make ½ turn right shuffling left, right, left
7-8 Rock back right, recover left

Right Cross Lock Step, Ronde, Left Cross Lock Step Ronde With ¼ Turn Left
1-4 (Angle body to left diagonal) step forward right, lock left behind right, step forward right, sweep left foot around from back to front
5-8 (Angle body to right diagonal) step forward left, lock right behind left, step forward left, sweep right foot around from back to front and make ¼ turn left

Weave, Ronde, Weave, Shuffle Forward
1-4 Cross right over left, step left to side, cross right behind left, sweep left around from front to back
5-6 Cross left behind right, step right to side
7&8 Shuffle forward left, right, left

Rock, Recover, ½ Right, Rock, Recover, ½ Left, Pivot ½ Left
1-3 Rock forward right, recover left, make ½ turn right stepping forward right
4-6 Rock forward left, recover right, make ½ turn left stepping forward left
7-8 Step forward right, pivot ½ turn left (weight ends on left)
RESTART from here on walls 2, 4, and 6

Side Right, Rock Back, Recover, Side Left, Rock Back, Recover, Side Right, Toe Behind And Unwind ¾ Turn Left
1-2& Step right to side, rock back left, recover right
3-4& Step left to side, rock back right, recover left
5-6 Step right to side, touch left toe behind right foot
7-8 Unwind ¾ turn left ending with weight on left

Step Diagonally Back, Cross, Back, Diagonally Back, Cross, Back, Sway Right, Sway Left
1-3 Step diagonally right back, cross left over right, step back right
4-6 Step diagonally left back, cross right over left, step back left
7-8 Sway right, sway left


RESTART: Restart AFTER count 40 on walls 2, 4, and 6