STRICTLY CHA CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Rob Fowler (Nov 08)
If He Should Ever Leave You by Tom Jones

Side Rock Recover, Sailor Quarter Turn, Step ¾ Turn, Side Chasse.
1-3 Step left to left side (1) rock right over left (2) recover back onto left (3)
4&5 Right sailor step with a quarter turn to the right (RLR)
6,7 Step forward left ¾ turn to the right
8&1 Left side chasse (LRL)

Rock Step Recover, Cha Cha Forward, Rock Recover, Lock Step Back
2,3 Rock back onto right, recover forward onto left
4&5 Right cha cha forward (RLR)
6,7 Rock forward left, recover back onto right
8&1 Step back onto left, cross right over left, step back onto left.

¼ Turn Touch, ¼ Turn Flick, Cha Cha Forward Step ¾ Spiral, Side Chasse.
&2&3 Make ¼ turn to right stepping right to right side, touch left out to left side, make ¼ turn to left stepping onto left foot, flick right foot up
4&5 Right cha cha forward (RLR)
6,7 Step forward onto to left, ¾ turn to the right
8&1 Right side chasse (RLR)

Rock Recover, Chasse Hip Bumps
2,3 Rock left over right, recover back onto right
4&5 Left side chasse (LRL)
6-8 Bump hips right, bump hips left, bump hips right

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