Pack My Bags

Beginner / Intermediate
Ria Vos (NL) - February 2009
Old Life Goodbye - Staffan Stridsberg : (Album: Staffan Stridsberg)

Start after 16 counts on the word: “Known”

Pivot ½ Turn Left, R Shuffle Fwd, Shuffle ½ Turn Right, R Coaster Step
1-2 Step R Forward, Pivot ½ Turn Left (6:00)
3&4 R Shuffle Forward Stepping R,L,R
5&6 L Shuffle ½ Turn Right Stepping L,R,L (12:00)
7&8 Step Back On R, Step L Together, Step Forward on R

L Heel & R Point, ¼ Turn Right, L Point & R Heel, Hook, R Shuffle Fwd, Full Turn Right
1& Touch L Heel Forward, Step L Together
2& Point R toe to Right Side, Turn ¼ Right Step R Together (3:00)
3& Point L Toe to Left Side, Step L Together
4& Touch R Heel Forward, Hook R in Front of L
5&6 R Shuffle Forward Stepping R,L,R
7-8 Turn ½ Right Step Back On L, Turn ½ Right Step Forward On R (3:00)

Pivot ¼ Turn Right, L Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn Left, ¼ Turn Left, R Cross, Tap L Behind R
1-2 Step L Forward, Pivot ¼ Turn Right (6:00)
3&4 Cross Right Over Left, Step Left to Left Side, Cross Right Over Left
5-6 Turn ¼ Left Step Back On R, Turn ¼ Left Step L To Left Side (12:00)
7-8 Cross R Over L, Tap L Behind R

L Shuffle Diag. Backwards, R Side Rock, Rec., R Sailor ¼ Turn Right, L Kick-Ball-Step, LTogether
1&2 L Shuffle Backwards to Right Diagonal Stepping L,R,L (4:30)
3-4 R Side Rock, Recover on L
5&6 Cross R Behind L, ¼ Turn R Step L Together, Step Forward on R (3:00)
7&8 Kick L Forward, Step on Ball of L Next to R, Step Forward on R&Step L Together