BREAK YOUR HEART CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Intermediate / Advanced
Shaz Walton – AUG 09
'Break Your Heart' By Taio Cruz

Count in – start on the word ‘Baby’
Styling……………. Purely Optional!

Walk back. Back. Sailor ½ . press. Back. Sailor ¼. Side.
1-2 Walk back right. Walk back left.
3&4 Cross right behind left making ¼ right. Step back left making ¼ right. Press right forward.
5 Step back on left.
6&7 Sailor ¼ Cross Right.
8 Step left to left side.

Cross. Rock. Recover/Hitch. Side. Cross rock. Side. Cross. ¼. Forward
1 Cross step right over left.
2&3 Rock out to left. Recover on right as you hitch left. Step left to left.
4&5 Cross rock right behind left. Recover on left. Step right to right.
6-7-8 Cross step left over right. Make ¼ right stepping right forward. Step left forward.

Forward. Grind. ¼. Grind ¼. Chug ¼ right x3
1 Step forward right.
2-3 Dig left heel beside right. Make ¼ left dropping left toes- taking weight
4-5 Dig right heel beside left. Make ¼ right dropping right toes- taking weight
6-7-8 Keeping right foot flat on floor make ¼ right – left foot stays flat & touches to side x 3.
(Drop weight to left on count 8)

Ball. Cross. 1/4. Rock. Recover. Back. Shuffle ½ turn (lean Back) side
&1 Step right beside left. Cross left over right.
2-3-4 Make ¼ right stepping right forward. Rock forward left. Recover on right
5 Step back left.
6&7 (leaning back- circle upper body) step right to side ¼ right. Step left beside right making ¼ right. Step right forward.
8 Step left to left side. (Roll Hips left)

Side. Touch. Out. ¼. Fall. Step. ¼. Cross.
1-2 Step right to right side (Roll Hips Right) Touch left behind right.
3-4 Touch left to left side. Keeping left leg straight make ¼ left (weight on right)
5-6 Transfer weight to left as if falling forward. Step forward right.
7-8 Pivot ¼ left. Cross right over left.

Back. Together. Forward. Rock. Recover. ½. Triple full turn. Together. Dip.
&1 Step back left. Step right beside left. (Raise on to toes)
2-3-4 Step forward left. Rock forward right. Recover on left.
5 Make ½ right stepping right forward.
6&7 Full triple turn right stepping L-R-L (start to slide right up to left)
8 Slide right up to left bring feet together & Dip. (Weight Left) ** Restart Point

Out. Out. Bump. Bump. Bump. ¼ sit (raise). Recover. Back. ¼.
&1 Step right to right side. Step left to left.
2-3-4 (keeping Legs Straight) Bump hips L-R-L
5-6 (Circling hips anti clockwise) make ¼ turn left (weight back on right- raise left leg) recover on left.
7-8 Rock back right. Step left ¼ left.

Ball. Point. Drag/dip. Contract/Roll. Hip pushes x2. Ball. Forward. Press.
&1 Step right beside left. Touch left to left side (bending right knee)
2-3 Drag left up to right keeping knees bent. Roll/ contract upper body to resume standing position (weight right)
4-5-6 Step forward left. Push hips forward x2 (weight right)
&7-8 Step left beside right. Step forward right. Press forward on left (raise right behind if you wish)

**Restart During Second wall after count **48. You will be facing the back wall. – 07762 410 190