Askin' Questions

Beginner / Intermediate
Larry Bass (USA) - July 2009
Askin' Questions - Brady Seals

Kick, Step, Point; Kick, Step, Point; Heel & Heel & Touch & Touch
1&2 Kick Right forward, Step ball of Right beside Left, Point Left to left side
3&4 Kick Left forward, Step ball of Left beside Right, Point Right to right side
5& Touch Right heel forward, Step Right beside Left
6& Touch Left heel forward, Step Left beside Right
7& Touch Right beside Left while turning Right knee inward, Step Right beside Left
8 Touch Left beside Right while turning Left knee inward

Rolling Turn Left, Side Shuffle; Cross Over Rock Step, Side Shuffle ¼ Turn
9-10 Rolling to left, turn ¼ turn left & step Left forward; Continue rolling to left, turn ½ turn left & step Right back
11&12 Continue rolling left, turn ¼ turn left & shuffle Left, Right, Left to left side
13-14 Step Right across Left; Rock back onto Right
15&16 Shuffle Right, Left, Right to right side while turning ¼ turn right

Step ¾ Pivot, Side Shuffle; Sailor Shuffle, Behind, Side Across
17-18 Step Left forward; Pivot ¾ turn right onto Right
19&20 Shuffle Left, Right, Left to left side
21&22 Step Right behind Left, Step Left to Left side, Step Right diagonally forward to right side
23&24 Step Left behind Right, Step Right to right side, Step Left across Right

Side Rock ¼ Turn, ½ Turning Shuffle; Rock Step, Forward Shuffle
25-26 Step Right to right side; Rock left onto to Left while turning ¼ turn left
27&28 Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right while turning ½ turn left
29-30 Step Left back; Rock forward onto Right
31&32 Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left

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