Yes Sir That's My Baby CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Lorraine Kurtela (Oct 09)
Yes Sir, That's My Baby by Ricky Nelson (CD: Legendary Masters)

Charleston ~16 Counts
1-2 Right foot swings forward, toe touches fwd. (2 counts)
3-4 Right foot swings back, stepping back on Right (2 counts)
5-6 Left foot swings back, toe touches back.
7-8 Left foot steps fwd.

Repeat 8 Counts Above.

Step Lock Step
1-2 Step forward on right; Lock left behind right
3-4 Step forward on right; Hold
5-6 Step forward on left; Lock right behind left
7-8 Step forward on left; Hold

Prissy Steps. ¼ Turn Left
1-2 Step right forward crossing slightly in front of left; Hold
3-4 Step left forward crossing slightly in front of right; Hold
5-6 Step right forward crossi ng slightly in front of left; Hold
7-8 Turn ¼ left, taking weight onto left foot; Hold

Just a little styling: On count 7 you can lift both heels, turn ¼ left and drop both heels. Hold on count 8. Remember to transfer weight to left