High Heels

Beginner / Intermediate
Tom Mickers - March 2009
One Step At a Time - Jordin Sparks

*starts facing the 3:00 wall

1-4 Walk L,R,L, ¼ turn c.c.w. R step side (catwalk strides, pose)
5-8 Walk L,R, step L side out, step R side out (catwalk strides, pose, pose)

1&2 sailor L,R,L while ¼ turn c.c.w.
3&4 sailor R,L,R cross over, while moving forward
5&6 sailor L,R,L cross over, while moving forward
7&8 R forward and push hips up, swivel hips to L, L leg bends (sit) and look left

1&2 Twist heels out, in, out (to R, L, R) with ½ turn c.c.w.
3-4 Twist heels in and L hip up (to L), heels back out (to R) and hip down (facing 6:00).
5&6 L cross behind, R step side, L cross over
7-8 Unwind ½ turn c.w. pushing bottom backwards, push hips forward

1-2 L cross check forward, recover R while ¼ turn c.c.w and L leg rondes on floor
3-4 step back L while R knee pops across L leg, step back R while L knee pops across R leg.
5-8 L reach back, L step back, R reach back, R step back (while popping shoulders on the & counts)

TAG: Done AFTER the 3rd and 7th wall – facing 9:00 both times, Do the FIRST 8 counts of the dance, face the side wall, do the FIRST 8 counts again. Then face the side wall again to restart the dance.