Ayo Calypso

Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - June 2010
Calypso - Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels : (CD: New Flame)

Intro 32 Count (16 sec)

Sec 1: 1-8 Side, Together, Side, Together, Side, Touch, Side, Touch
1–2 Step Rf to the right, step Lf beside Rf
3–4 Step Rf to the right, step Lf beside Rf weight onto both feet (12:00)
5–6 Step Lf to the left, touch Rf beside Lf
7–8 Step Rf to the right, touch Lf beside Rf weight onto Rf (12:00)
Note: In the steps 5 t/m 8 in sec 1 ( Waving your both hands slow, to Right & to Left )

Sec 2: 9-16 1/4 Turn L Step Fwd, 1/2 Turn L, Back, Back, Point & Point, Heel Switches R-L
1–2 Make a 1/4 turn left (9:00) and step forward on Lf, continue 1/2 turn left (3:00) and step back on Rf
3–4 Step back on Lf, step Rf beside Rf weight onto both feet
5&6& Point Rf out the right, step Rf beside Lf, point Lf out to the left, step Lf beside Rf
7&8& Touch R heel forward diagonal, step Rf beside Lf back in place, touch L heel forward diagonal, step Lf beside Rf back in place (3:00)

Sec 3: 17-24 Fwd Rock / Recover, 1/4 Turn R, Jump Both Feet Apart, Hold, Close, Side Rock / Recover, Behind Side Cross
1-2 Rock forward on Rf, recover on Lf (3:00)
&3-4 Make a 1/4 turn to right (6) and jump both feet apart weight onto both feet (&3), HOLD
&5-6 Close Rf beside Lf, rock Lf to the left, recover on Rf weight onto Rf
7&8 Step Lf behind Rf, step Rf to the right, and cross Lf over Rf weight onto Lf (6:00)

Sec 4: 25-32 Heels Fwd Fwd, Out Back, Out Back, Cross Shuffle, 1/4 Turn L, Lock Step Fwd
1–2 Step forward on R heel, step forward on L heel (6:00)
3-4& Step back Rf to the right side, step Lf to the left side shoulder apart, take weight onto Lf
&5&6 Cross Rf over Lf, step Lf to the left side, cross Rf over Lf weight onto Rf (6)
7&8 Make a 1/4 turn to left (3) stepping forward on Lf, lock Rf behind Lf, stepping forward on Lf weight onto Lf (3:00)

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